PFLAG Saved My Family…
PFLAG Saved My Family…

PFLAG Saved My Family…



I’d like to share my story with you – the story of how PFLAG saved my family.

My 16-year-old only child is now living a happy, regular teenage life as the young man he, and we, worked so hard to find. In August, 2014, he underwent gender-affirming surgery and, within 24 hours, the light that had dimmed over the years finally returned in his eyes.

I got “my child” back.

That was the defining moment of salvation in what had been a nearly four-year journey of self-harm, migraines, bullying, failing grades, a hospital stay, and as you can imagine – all-out-crisis-management-parenting.

It was during this time that I found PFLAG, or I should say, PFLAG found me – and saved me – so I could help my child.

After his surgery, our world started to gingerly wobble its way back onto its axis. Although the last year hasn’t been perfect, I now have an amazing, brilliant, handsome son who’s finding joy in life and planning a future he thought was impossible just a short time ago.

Through it all, my extended PFLAG family has been there for us, and I’m so happy I now have the opportunity to give back – as PFLAG’s new Director of Development – in a powerful and meaningful way. It is so gratifying to have this opportunity to sync my 20+ years of non profit development experience with my personal passion for PFLAG’s mission of support, education and advocacy for full. LGBTQ equality. 

As someone who’s directly benefited from PFLAG’s great work, I can assure you that your continued support for this organization is truly life-changing – and life-saving. Please join us with a year-end gift now to continue saving kids like mine, parents like me, and thousands of others on this journey toward equality.

With deep gratitude,

Amy J. Sauerwalt

Director of Development

PFLAG National