PFLAG Johns Creek, GA


We’re so proud of all of our work within our communities to make change on the individual level through support, education, and changing the way that people view LGBTQ+ people. But that work is treating the symptoms of larger systemic problems that need to be addressed through advocacy and legislation.

Advocacy is a huge part of the mission of PFLAG where we work, with the help of our members and supporters, at the community, state, and federal levels to effect legislative change so that LGBTQ+ individuals and their families are safe and equal in their communities.

Want to get involved or discuss a particular issue with us? Send us a message about it!

Current Advocacy


  • We are part of active PFLAG National campaigns to promote the following bills and to encourage people to write to their representatives to ask them to support the bills.
    • Equality Act HR5, S393 – provides consistent and explicit anti-discrimination protections for LGBTQ people across key areas of life, including employment, housing, credit, education, public spaces and services, federally funded programs, and jury service. Contact your representatives here.


  • The 2021 legislative session has brought a huge number of anti-trans bills across many states, particularly targeting trans youth, and Georgia is no exception.
    • HB276, HB372, & SB266 sought to keep trans youth from competing in school sports.
    • HB401 would have made it a criminal act for doctors to provide trans healthcare to children.
    • These bills are still a risk! These bills did not crossover, however we are watching legislators closely as they may try to revive these bills as amendments.
    • We have contacted legislators en masse and partnered with Georgia Equality to educate people on the origins of these bills.

Past Advocacy


  • 2020: In response to a proposed ban on transgender medical care in Georgia, we initiated a letter writing campaign for families to contact legislators with personal stories and to urge them to vote against the bill. The bill never made it to committee.


  • February 2020: We worked with the Johns Creek City Council to encourage them to adopt an LGBTQ+ inclusive hate crimes ordinance.

Want to get involved or discuss a particular issue with us? Send us a message about it!