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Even if you’re not sure you need PFLAG, remember PFLAG NEEDS YOU!

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We are committed to keeping all of our programming free and accessible to all. We’re able to do that through the generous donations of our members. Every little helps, and goes towards supporting our operational costs at a chapter and national level, and funding our Helping Hands project!

When you donate you become a PFLAG member and receive additional educational information and online events, and allow us to count how many people are engaged with our chapter and to use our collective voices for advocacy. Members are also able to vote on board elections, stand for board positions, and nominate others.

A donation can be made from anyone and may be made as a charitable donation as a gift in someone else’s name.

Member TiersWhere your money goes
Bronze: $25$15 to PFLAG National, $10 to PFLAG Johns Creek
Silver: $50$15 to PFLAG National, $10 to PFLAG Johns Creek, $25 to Helping Hands fund
Gold: $80+$15 to PFLAG National, $10 to PFLAG Johns Creek, $25 to Helping Hands fund, donations above $50 split evenly between PFLAG Johns Creek and Helping Hands fund unless otherwise earmarked in the notes field.

Donations are processed safely and securely through PayPal. You may pay with a credit or debit card through your PayPal account. PFLAG Johns Creek is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Donations are tax deductible to the extent specified under IRS law.

Other ways to Give

Facebook Fundraisers

A great way to support us is through a Facebook fundraiser, whether your birthday, a pride event, or just because. Not only does this help to crowdsource support for our cause, it also helps to spread the word of our mission to people on Facebook who might not otherwise know about the work that we are doing.


Another way to give: consider making us your nominated non-profit on AmazonSmile! When you shop on AmazonSmile, Amazon donates a portion of your purchase to your selected non-profit. This means that it is a simple and automatic way for you to support PFLAG Johns Creek as you shop, at no cost to you! Once selected, Amazon will remember your selection, and then as long as you shop on AmazonSmile every eligible purchase you make will result in a donation to PFLAG John Creek. Learn more here.

Get Involved


Volunteers tend to the PFLAG booth
Volunteers tend the PFLAG booth

PFLAG Johns Creek is staffed entirely through volunteers. This includes our support group facilitators, event organizers, youth/teen coordinators, social media managers, and our board members. To learn more about our volunteers and why they do what they do, head over to meet the team.

PFLAG Johns Creek volunteers give their time to further our work providing support, education, and advocacy to the community.

We train people for roles as facilitators, and are always interested in people with new skills. If you are interested in joining us in our work to help provide support, education, to work with us on advocacy issues, or even if you’re not sure what you would like to do, e-mail us at or get in touch here.


PFLAG Johns Creek Partners are businesses, houses of worship, and other community organizations that provide support to our chapter through the use of their facilities, promotion/marketing of our chapter, volunteer hours, and/or financial support.

Partnership is a relationship. And as such, we support our Partners. If you are interested in becoming a Partner, e-mail us at or get in touch here.