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Tom Willard

Tom Willard


Tom Willard - Board Member At-Large & Facilitator

I’m Tom Willard and I currently reside in Sugar Hill with my husband who is also named Thomas. Together we have celebrated over 26 years. We got married in New York on our anniversary in 2013. 
I got involved as a participant of PFLAG and other similar groups many years ago and these groups were invaluable to my journey. They helped me to survive and over time it did get better mostly because of the wonderful support and love received. 
I have also run my own social and support groups over the years. I was the founder of one called N85GLC (North 85 Gay & Lesbian Connection). And, I was also the founder and president of the Georgia Gwinnett College Pride Alliance (AKA Gay-Straight Alliance). 
All that being said, I decided to continue to give back by joining PFLAG as a facilitator and served as a board member at large for some time.
Finally, I want you all to know that I am the type of person that loves to listen without judgment and share my experiences to give others another perspective. In a world where you can be anything you want, be YOU!

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