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Get Support

PFLAG - Ann Miller showing community support
Ann Miller at Pride

At PFLAG Johns Creek, we seek to support all LGBTQ+ teens & adults, and their families, friends, & allies, by providing safe spaces for open and friendly discussion. These spaces are intended to allow people to vent, receive necessary support and guidance, and to build a sense of community with others in their area with similar experiences.

If you or someone you know is in a situation of financial distress due to your status as an LGBTQ+ individual, or a parent of LGBTQ+ individuals, check out our Helping Hands initiative to get some assistance.

You can find additional information, articles, and forms of support on our Resources page.

If you have questions not answered on this site, we are happy to help and we try to respond quickly through our contact pageHowever, these are not monitored 24/7 and if this is an emergency or you think you might be in danger, please call 911.