ACTION ALERT: Trans kids in Georgia need your help! Lawmakers in Atlanta are right now trying to pass bills to harm trans kids, and we need you to take action and help stop these bad bills from becoming law. HB276 & HB372 aim to ban trans kids from school sports and to force girls to undergo invasive exams to “prove” their gender before they can participate. HB401 seeks to prevent trans kids from receiving gender affirming care by penalizing providers that support them. Use the link below to easily send a message to your representatives: No on HB276, HB372, & HB401. Then share this with your network to get all the support we can against this. These bills will do real damage to people and families and we need your help to stop them. #transrightsarehumanrights #lgbtqpride #LGBTQSafety #LGBTJohnsCreek #LGBTQGeorgia #NoHB276 #NoHB372 #NoHB401