Virtual Support Group Meetings RSVP IS REQUIRED! Announcing Separate Upcoming Meetings for Family/Friends, Adult LGBTQ+, and for Teens! We’re happy to announce three upcoming video support group meetings using new and improved Zoom: If you are “zoomed out” you may want to come try again, as we have made a few changes to make the experience more intimate and pleasant. We will use rooms with fewer people so everyone has a few chances to speak. We will leave some time at the end to socialize for that “after the meeting chat” experience. Questions, comments, and resources may be posted in the chat, and you may even choose to use the chat feature to say something while someone else is still speaking. We want this to be as easy, pleasant, and intimate as an in-person support group. (1) Adult parents/family/friends of LGBTQ+ (ages 18 and up) – Support/discussion for parents, families, and friends of LGBTQ+ adults or youth (2) LGBTQ+ TEENS – Support/discussion for LGBTQ+ teens and their teen friends/allies (8th grade and up; minimum age 13, maximum age 17). (3) LGBTQ+ adults (ages 18 and up) – Support/discussion for LGBTQ+ individuals including those questioning Meetings will be conducted by live video webinar using Zoom. Want to attend a virtual support group meeting? RSVP IS REQUIRED! On the date and time of the event you will be guided into the correct one of our three virtual rooms. WHEN: Tuesday, September 15 7 – 8:30 PM WHERE: Zoom live video webinar RSVP IS REQUIRED!