Call and Response to Georgia’s Proposed “Vulnerable Child Protection Act”

Call and Response (Ehrhart) by Roland J. Behm, Esq.

Roland J. Behm, Esq. with American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) has authored this CALL AND RESPONSE (link above) commentary on the recent press release issued by Georgia State Representative Ginny Ehrhart, R-Powder Springs.

This is an excellent critique and counter to help understand how this proposed legislation would harm our trans children and families. Furthermore, it’s excellent insight for trans families about the misinformation and false claims that exist in the medical field, political arena, and in the public sphere.

Many of you are aware that Rep. Ehrhart has announced she will introduce legislation that would make it a felony to provide a transgender child (under 18) the medical care they need to transition. This would include surgery and medications, including hormone therapy or puberty blocking therapy. She plans to introduce her “Vulnerable Child Protection Act,” in the Georgia General Assembly. Her press release specified that this was about children who are being abused by adults. This proposal was littered with misinformation and false claims. See PFLAG Johns Creek’s response:

In an effort to educate and inform our PFLAG community, and also our legislators, PFLAG Johns Creek is working diligently with Georgia Equality and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP). Both of these fine organizations have vast experience in the political process in Georgia.